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Create Closet Harmony Mini Consult

Your personalized Mini Consult comes in the form a full-color PDF document sent to you by email, and includes an analysis of your Primary and Influencing Essences, your elemental coloring and your body shape. It also reveals the kinds of clothing that will work best for you.

Create Closet Harmony Comprehensive Consult

Get paired with one of our 80 Fashion Feng Shui Facilitators around the world for a 60-minute live online session that takes your FFS experience to the next level. Get personalized insights into the clothes that you are certain to love and wear all the time!


Comprehensive Consult & Elemental Design Portfolio Combo Pack

You get our full one-on-one 60-minute live consult, PLUS the Elemental Design Portfolio, with a $40 discount.



LEarn At Home, AT Your Own Pace

Dress for Your Dreams with Fashion Feng Shui

A self-study course designed to help you learn to attract everything you desire into your life by wearing what you love!



Elemental Design Portfolio

Includes everything you need to make authentic and empowering clothing choices that align with your personal energies, and to ensure you're shopping for what you love!


Fashion Feng Shui is an innovative approach to getting dressed for both personality and purpose.
~ Carla Mathis, Body Beautiful™ founder and The Triumph of Individual Style author

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