Create Closet Harmony
Personalized Elemental Design Portfolio

Just $69, including postage and handling!


Includes everything you need to make authentic and empowering clothing choices
 that align with your personal energies, and to ensure you're shopping for what you love!


Your Elemental Design Portfolio contains:

  • Elemental Archetypes Cards Information Card

  • Elemental Archetypes at a Glance Card

  • Wardrobe Planner Card

  • Essence Archetype Card

  • Appearance Archetype Card

  • Intention Archetype Card

  • Elemental Body Colors Information Card

  • 3-Wand Elemental Body Color Fan (Hair, Eyes, Skin)

  • Folder and vinyl case


Ready for your PERSONALIZED EDP?


“I love using the Elemental Design Portfolio. The Elemental Body Color Fans (hair, eye and skin wands) are great because you can actually see what element you fall into. The Archetype Cards are also really useful. Keeping all of the information together in the case makes it easy to take with you when shopping and sharing with others!”
~ Elizabeth, Greenville, South Carolina