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In your Comprehensive Consult, we pair you with one of our 90 Fashion Feng Shui Facilitators worldwide for a personalized online session that analyzes your elemental coloring and body shape and reveals the kinds of clothing that works best for you. You complete a questionnaire and upload photos of yourself and some clothing items, which your FFS Facilitator receives in advance of the session.

You will come away with an even deeper understanding of which clothes will fulfill your essence, flatter your appearance and function for your lifestyle. We guarantee that you'll start loving everything in your closet!

Your Comprehensive Consult is a live online session with a skilled FFS Facilitator. In it, you'll work together to elucidate your Essential Way of Being (Primary and Influencing Essences) and the clothes that honor it. You'll then receive clothing recommendations that fit with your unique physical and spiritual profile. You'll also get tips on the best ways (and potentially places) to shop for an individual like you.


Your Fashion Feng Shui
Create Closet Harmony Comprenshive Consult includes:

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  • A pairing with one of our 90 FFS Facilitators worldwide

  • A 60-minute online session that reiterates your essence and analyzes your elemental appearance and body shape

  • Tangible suggestions on clothing that will honor you in every way

  • The opportunity to continue to work one-on-one with your FFS Facilitator following the initial session

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JUST $200!


Fashion Feng Shui is an innovative approach to getting dressed for both personality and purpose.
~ Carla Mathis, Body Beautiful™ founder and The Triumph of Individual Style author


Get tailor-made advice from our Experts!

Our mission is to help you wear what you love while honoring who you are. If you want to learn even more about clothes that serve you personally, professionally, physically and spiritually, then you’re ready for your Create Closet Harmony Comprehensive Consult

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Our network of FFS Facilitators can be found on six continents.

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